Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

A beautiful Asscher cut engagement ring symbolizes the commitment that a couple makes when they decide to marry. The Asscher cut diamond is somewhat unusual and tends to stand out from ordinary gems.

Asscher Cut History
The Asscher cut originated at the Royal Asscher Diamond Company, a firm that was founded in 1854 in the Netherlands by the Asscher famly, who still own it today. Talented jeweler Joseph Asscher developed the company’s signature Asscher cut in 1902, and patented it, the first time a cut had been patented. The company held the patent until World War II, when the Jewish Asscher family was sent to concentration camps, leaving no one to renew the patent when it expired. After the war the family returned to Amsterdam and rebuilt the company. In 2001 the company debuted and patented the Royal Asscher cut diamond, an enhanced version of the original Asscher cut.

What is an Asscher Cut?
An Asscher cut diamond is a type of stepped square cut diamond, with rounded corners like a cushion cut. The steps are parallel to one another, and seem to play with light a bit before bouncing it back out to our eyes. It is sometimes called a square emerald cut. The traditional Asscher cut diamond has 58 facets, but the newer Royal Asscher cut has 74. The additional facets give the diamond better light performance when compared to the original cut and other stepped diamonds.

Diamond Flaws
An Asscher cuts steps can accentuate a diamonds flaws and inclusions, and its corners can highlight poor color. For that reason only high quality diamonds should be used for Asscher cut diamonds.

Asscher Cut Engagement Rings and Hollywood
Asscher cut diamonds had fallen out of fashion, but have become more popular in recent years with a little help from Hollywood. An Asscher cut diamond was featured on the HBO series “Sex and the City,” and when Reese Witherspoon was married to Ryan Phillippe she sported an Asscher cut engagement ring. Kate Hudson and Julia Roberts have also sported Asscher cut diamond rings.

The Royal Asscher Diamond Company

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