Charms for Bracelets

Charm bracelets have long been in fashion, and there are a multitude of charms for bracelets on the market.  Charm bracelets are usually made from a chain of interlocking links, and charms for bracelets attach to the links.  The charms are usually sold individually, and the bracelet owner chooses charms that have a special meaning to her.  One person might choose a Siberian Husky charm, a musical note and a soccer ball, while another might select a pagoda, the Eiffel Tower and a birthday cake.This means that each charm bracelet is a unique piece of jewelry that reflects the owner’s interests and personality.

Silver Charms for Bracelets

Many charm bracelets are made of sterling silver, and used with sterling silver charms for bracelets.  The charm is attached with a clasp or a small silver ring that can be opened and closed using the hands or a small pair of pliers.  Sterling silver charms and charm bracelets are generally longer-lasting than costume jewelry charms, yet considerably less expensive than gold charms.

Gold Charms for Bracelets

Gold charms and charm bracelets are some of the most beautiful and valuable types of charms for bracelets.  Gold charms are usually available in 10 karat, 14 karat or 18 karat gold.  Another type of gold charms for bracelets is gold filled or gold plated charms, which are naturally not as durable or valuable as charms made from gold.

Religious Charms

In addition to different types of materials, there are many different styles of charms for bracelets.  One popular type of charms is religious charms.  Those who want to create a bracelet using charms that represent their religion will find that there are a variety of charms, including cross and crucifix, star of david, Virgin Mary, Sanskrit om sign, and more.

Photo Charms for Bracelets

Carry the ones you love with you everywhere by wearing a bracelet bedecked with photo charms.  Most photo charms resemble a tiny picture frame, with a space for the owner to insert a small photo.  Some choose to have many photo charms on one bracelet, while others opt for several different charms, with one special photo charm as the centerpiece.

Italian Charms for Bracelets

Italian charms and charm bracelets are different from the traditional chain link style. Italian charms are rectangular with images on front depicting flags, dogs, sports, and so on.  The modular charms fit onto a stretchy bracelet, and can be mixed and matched.  There are usually 18 charms on an Italian charm bracelet.

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