Chocolate diamond rings

Sparkly, brown and beautiful, chocolate diamonds belong to the “fancy” family of diamonds, which includes colors like blue, pink, yellow, green, black and more. Here we aim to answer some of your questions about chocolate diamond rings.

Are they really diamonds?
Chocolate diamonds are, indeed, true diamonds.

Is the chocolate color natural?
Uhh… maybe. Brown diamonds occur in nature, but synthetic brown diamonds are also available on the jewelry market. The chocolate color can also be achieved through treating the diamond. Most of the chocolate diamonds currently on the market have been color-treated. As one might expect, naturally brown diamonds are worth more than treated or synthetic ones. A reputable jeweler should tell you whether the stone in the chocolate diamond ring you’re considering is natural, treated or synthetic.

How does the diamond get that color naturally?
There are a couple of ways that the diamond could become brown. Diamonds that have been irradiated, perhaps by uranium ore located with the diamond. However, when this occurs in nature the color is usually just on the surface of the diamond. Experts suspect that diamonds with a rich, natural brown color have lattice deformations that create the rich shade.

Where did the name come from?
The jewelry firm Le Vian coined the term chocolate diamonds to describe rich brown diamonds. The term is used in the company’s marketing.

Are brown diamond rings more valuable or less valuable than white?
Truth is, throughout most of history brown diamonds were considered inferior gems and were not used for jewelry. Many diamond mines produce a large amount of brown diamonds, however, and in the 1980s a public relations push sought to make good quality brown diamonds more desirable in the eyes of jewelry buyers. Color is not the sole determinant of value in a diamond, but if all other factors are the same, white diamonds are more expensive than chocolate. Generally speaking, you can get more diamond for your money if you go with a chocolate diamond.

Is clarity important in chocolate diamonds?
Clarity is an important determinant of value in any diamond. Buyers should be aware that some jewelers sell chocolate diamond rings with poor clarity, hoping buyers will admire the pretty chocolate shade and ignore the cloudiness.

What is the Golden Jubilee Diamond?
The world’s largest cut diamond is a chocolate diamond. The original stone, discovered in a South African mine in 1985, came in at 755.5 carats and was cut down to a 545 carat diamond. The stone was presented to the king of Thailand for the 50th anniversary of his crowning, and dubbed the Golden Jubilee Diamond.

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