Cross Pendants

Lovely and meaningful, cross pendants are ideal for those who wish to show pride in their Christianity. This simple design is at once a symbol of faith and a beautiful piece of religious jewelry, appropriate for every day wear.

The origin of pendant jewelry lies deep in history. To wit, artwork created thousands of years ago in ancient Greece and Egypt regularly depict people adorned with pendant jewelry. By definition, pendants hang from something, perhaps a necklace, or maybe a bracelet or earrings. Most cross pendant wearers suspend the pendant from a necklace, whether it’s a metal chain, a leather cord or some other type of necklace.

Emerald Cross Pendant

While a simple cross pendant in 14 karat gold or sterling silver is perhaps the most common, any number of variations exist on this design. They can be thicker or slimmer, set with gemstones, or engraved with flowers. They can be made from colored glass, stone, wood or other materials. They can be small and simpler or ornately decorated.

The cross is sacred to followers of the Christian faith because the Bible state’s that Jesus Christ died on the cross so that the people’s sins would be forgiven by God.

Celtic Cross Pendant

In addition to the standard cross pendant, there are a few different cross designs:

Rose Cross – An elegant variation is the Rose Cross, which adds a single rose at the intersection of the two lines of the cross

Celtic Cross – This cross originated in the Celtic lands like Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and is particularly popular with those who wish to show their Celtic heritage in addition to their faith. The Celtic high cross is frequently inscribed with Celtic symbols and features a circle surrounding the intersection of the two lines of the cross.

Maltese Cross Pendant

Maltese Cross – The Knights of Malta marched into battle adorned with this cross during the crusades. This designs departs from the original in that the four arms are all the same length and are wider on the outer ends and narrower where they meet in the middle. Some variations have v-shaped indents in each end, others do not.

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