Lapis Lazuli Rings

What is Lapis Lazuli?
Lapis lazuli is an opaque stone and thus does not reflect light in the manner of transparent stones. Genuine lapis lazuli is mined in Russia, South and North America, but the finest, bluest stones are found in Afghanistan.

Lapis Lazuli Rings Color
Lapis lazuli rings are known for their attractive deep blue color. The finest examples are a uniform blue color, however most lapis lazuli has a bit of white veins mixed in or inclusions of pyrite that cause silver and gold or white speckles in the stones which add interest.

Lapis Lazuli Rings Imitations
Other gemstones are sometimes confused for lapis lazuli, with or without intention. Swiss and Italian “lapis” are deceptively named, as they are actually quartz that has been dyed blue. Sodalite is sometimes taken for lapis lazuli, but lacks the pyrite bits found in most lapis lazuli stones and sometimes transmits light at its edges, which the opaque lapis lazuli does not. Chalcedony is sometimes taken for lapis, when dyed. Plastic and glass are often substituted for lapis as well.

Lapis Lazuli Folklore
Ancient people believed that when a person wore a lapis lazuli ring it would be protected from evil and would have enhanced extra-sensory abilities.

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