Mood Ring Color Meanings

The popular seventies accessory, the mood ring, is back, along with mood necklaces, bracelets and earrings too. People are proudly sporting their mood rings, showing their mood to the world via the changing colors of the ring. But what exactly do those colors mean?

Meaning of Mood Ring Colors
The mood ring shows colors ranging from dark blue to black, and each shade signifies a certain mood or emotion.

  • Dark Blue – A person with a dark blue mood ring is happy.
    Blue – Blue mood rings signify a calm and peaceful wearer.
    Teal – Blue/green says that the person is somewhat calm.
    Green – A green ring indicates that the person wearing it is not calm, but not particularly anxious either. Somewhere in between.
    Amber – The meaning of an amber mood ring color is that the wearer is a bit anxious.
    Gray – A gray mood ring means that the wearer is quite anxious and nervous.
    Black – A black mood ring says that the person wearing it is stressed out and tense.
  • How Does the Mood Jewelry Know Your Mood?
    There’s a simple scientific explanation for the mood ring’s color changes. The mood jewelry is responding to the temperature of the person’s skin. Generally, an anxious person’s skin is colder, while a content individual’s is warmer. The metal of the ring, earring back or pendant conducts the heat of the skin to thermotropic liquid crystals. The molecules of the liquid crystals rearrange in response to the skin temperature. The position of the crystals determines how they reflect and absorb light, resulting in the different mood ring colors.

    Mood Ring Color History
    Mood jewelry has been around for several decades. The mood ring was developed in the 1960s by Marvin Wernick, who realized that a bit of thermotropic material that was being used to take someone’s temperature could be used in fashion jewelry rings. He covered a thermotropic strip with glass and put it in a ring setting. The rings really took off in the 1970s, when a man named Joshua Reynolds sold them to millions.

    Are the Mood Ring Color Meanings Foolproof?
    Not at all. A hot, humid day at the beach or a frigid day on the ski slopes can both affect the shade of a mood ring. However, my personal experience is that when I worked full time at a high pressure job, every time I tried on a mood ring it only turned black. Now that I stay home with my kids and freelance, they’re always blue!

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