Cross Pendants

Lovely and meaningful, cross pendants are ideal for those who wish to show pride in their Christianity. This simple design is at once a symbol of faith and a beautiful piece of religious jewelry, appropriate for every day wear.

The origin of pendant jewelry lies deep in history. To wit, artwork created thousands of years ago in ancient Greece and Egypt regularly depict people adorned with pendant jewelry. By definition, pendants hang from something, perhaps a necklace, or maybe a bracelet or earrings. Most cross pendant wearers suspend the pendant from a necklace, whether it’s a metal chain, a leather cord or some other type of necklace.

Emerald Cross Pendant

While a simple cross pendant in 14 karat gold or sterling silver is perhaps the most common, any number of variations exist on this design. They can be thicker or slimmer, set with gemstones, or engraved with flowers. They can be made from colored glass, stone, wood or other materials. They can be small and simpler or ornately decorated.

The cross is sacred to followers of the Christian faith because the Bible state’s that Jesus Christ died on the cross so that the people’s sins would be forgiven by God.

Celtic Cross Pendant

In addition to the standard cross pendant, there are a few different cross designs:

Rose Cross – An elegant variation is the Rose Cross, which adds a single rose at the intersection of the two lines of the cross

Celtic Cross – This cross originated in the Celtic lands like Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and is particularly popular with those who wish to show their Celtic heritage in addition to their faith. The Celtic high cross is frequently inscribed with Celtic symbols and features a circle surrounding the intersection of the two lines of the cross.

Maltese Cross Pendant

Maltese Cross – The Knights of Malta marched into battle adorned with this cross during the crusades. This designs departs from the original in that the four arms are all the same length and are wider on the outer ends and narrower where they meet in the middle. Some variations have v-shaped indents in each end, others do not.

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Persona Charm Bracelets

I am walking down the corridor of the mall, gazing at jewelry store displays as I walk past and spot a large advertisement that looks just like a brightly colored Pandora charm bracelet, but instead reads Persona. Persona? I decide to look into it.

The Persona line was launched in 2010 by jeweler Neil Travis and his daughter Alex, and features charm bracelets similar to the Pandora style bracelets. Unlike traditional charm bracelets, with charms that hang from a link bracelet, these charms resemble beads and slide onto the bracelet.

Jewelry lovers first choose a leather or silver charm bracelet, then choose charm bracelet charms to adorn it with, making their own unique creation. The company makes hundreds of colorful beads decorated with sterling silver, gems, enamel, crystals, murano glass and more, priced at around $15 to $60.

Head over to the Persona website to take a look at the bracelets or find a retailer located near you.

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Pandora Charm Bracelets

My mother came over for Christmas dinner this year flashing her new charm bracelet. “It’s Pandora,” she said with a toothy smile. “I got it… I mean Daddy got it for me for Christmas.” Which I took to mean that she shopped for it, bought it, then gave it to my father to wrap.

The Pandora charm bracelet was pretty, with a hodgepodge of big, chunky links – some silver, some jeweled. “You see, I got one charm for each of my kids’ birthdays, and one for me and Daddy, and then some other ones to go in between.” She wobbled her wrist back and forth to show off her charms.

I had never noticed Pandora before, but after my mom told me about it I started seeing it everywhere. In one mall, there was an entire shop devoted solely to Pandora products. I decided to find out more.

Pandora is a Danish company, with headquarters in Copenhagen and production in Thailand. The company commenced operations in 1982, first finding unique jewelry and selling it to clients, then designing and producing its own jewelry. In 2000 they debuted their distinctive charm bracelet, which has become their signature item, in the Danish market. Following its success in Denmark, they introduced it in countries like the United States and Australia. Today Pandora’s products are sold in countries all over the globe.

Pandora charm bracelets are the company’s best known product, though they also make earrings, necklaces and rings. Rather than hanging from the links of a chain bracelet, the charm bracelet charms slide onto the Pandora bracelet. More than 600 charms are available, and the charm bracelet owner can choose and combine them as she wishes, creating unique patterns and a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. Charms are made from quality materials like gold or silver, and some feature semi-precious or precious gemstones like diamonds or colorful enamel. Rings, earrings and necklaces can be selected to coordinate with the charm bracelet.

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Charms for Bracelets

Charm bracelets have long been in fashion, and there are a multitude of charms for bracelets on the market.  Charm bracelets are usually made from a chain of interlocking links, and charms for bracelets attach to the links.  The charms are usually sold individually, and the bracelet owner chooses charms that have a special meaning to her.  One person might choose a Siberian Husky charm, a musical note and a soccer ball, while another might select a pagoda, the Eiffel Tower and a birthday cake.This means that each charm bracelet is a unique piece of jewelry that reflects the owner’s interests and personality.

Silver Charms for Bracelets

Many charm bracelets are made of sterling silver, and used with sterling silver charms for bracelets.  The charm is attached with a clasp or a small silver ring that can be opened and closed using the hands or a small pair of pliers.  Sterling silver charms and charm bracelets are generally longer-lasting than costume jewelry charms, yet considerably less expensive than gold charms.

Gold Charms for Bracelets

Gold charms and charm bracelets are some of the most beautiful and valuable types of charms for bracelets.  Gold charms are usually available in 10 karat, 14 karat or 18 karat gold.  Another type of gold charms for bracelets is gold filled or gold plated charms, which are naturally not as durable or valuable as charms made from gold.

Religious Charms

In addition to different types of materials, there are many different styles of charms for bracelets.  One popular type of charms is religious charms.  Those who want to create a bracelet using charms that represent their religion will find that there are a variety of charms, including cross and crucifix, star of david, Virgin Mary, Sanskrit om sign, and more.

Photo Charms for Bracelets

Carry the ones you love with you everywhere by wearing a bracelet bedecked with photo charms.  Most photo charms resemble a tiny picture frame, with a space for the owner to insert a small photo.  Some choose to have many photo charms on one bracelet, while others opt for several different charms, with one special photo charm as the centerpiece.

Italian Charms for Bracelets

Italian charms and charm bracelets are different from the traditional chain link style. Italian charms are rectangular with images on front depicting flags, dogs, sports, and so on.  The modular charms fit onto a stretchy bracelet, and can be mixed and matched.  There are usually 18 charms on an Italian charm bracelet.

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