Garnet Rings

There are so many pretty garnet rings out there that you can add to your jewelry collection.  Garnets are typically a dark, dramatic shade of red, or burgundy, sometimes with strong brown or orange tones.  Garnets can be paired with other gems to create an attractive piece of jewelry. A garnet and diamond ring, for example, makes a particularly nice combination. Those who like ruby rings may want to consider garnets as an alternative, especially considering the price of garnets of comparable size and clarity is generally much lower than that of rubies.

Garnet Ring Colors

While the deep burgundy mentioned above is typically associated with garnet, garnet gem stones can actually be found in many different colors.  Not just red tones, but orange and brown, and even lavender, green, yellow and blue are all possible colors for garnet gems.

History of Garnet Rings

While garnets have been around for thousands of years, they were particularly fashionable during the 1800s.  Jewelry lovers of the Victorian age were quite taken with the garnet, and the stone was popular in the rings and pendants of the age.  To this day, antique shops specializing in Victorian jewelry tend to carry many garnet rings.  As the Victorian age passed into the 20th century, the garnet fell out of style.

Antique Garnet Rings

Antique jewelry lovers should have no problem finding an antique garnet ring. Because garnet jewelry was so popular during the 1800s, there are still many gold garnet rings available in antique shops, antique malls and websites specializing in antiques.

Discount Garnet Rings

Garnet is a less expensive stone, and bargain hunters can bring the price of garnet rings down even more by purchasing silver garnet rings rather than gold, or purchasing lower quality garnets.  Discount garnets are those that are smaller, have flaws, are a lighter color or are poorly cut so that they do not reflect light well and thus do not sparkle.  Be aware that the garnets in some discount garnet rings have been treated with dyes, wax or oils to enhance their appearance.

Garnet Birthstone Rings

Each month of the year one or more particular gemstones associated with it, which are the birthstones for anyone born in that month.  Garnet is the birthstone for the month of January.  Garnet rings make fantastic gifts for anyone born in January, not only as birthday gifts, but for Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or just to say “I love you.”

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