Ruby Rings as Gifts

The Author's Ruby RingsI am a strong believer in ruby rings as gifts. The selection of my ruby rings shown at left has been built almost entirely from gifts from those who love me, from the little ruby gold ring on the far left that was given to me by my parents for my 13th birthday, to the white gold ruby ring, dead center, which was a Christmas gift from my husband just last year. If you’re not sure to what to get that special someone, you’ll rarely go wrong with a ruby ring, and they are ideal for so many occasions.

Ruby Birthstone Rings
While a ruby ring makes a fabulous gift for anyone, they are particularly prized by those born in July, since ruby is the birthstone for July. My birthday is in July, and I’ve always felt fortunate that I was blessed with such a wonderful birthstone, although there are many other fine precious and semi precious stones on the birthstone list. Most jewelry stores specializing in fine jewelry will have a birthstone section, featuring jewelry set in the stones for that month, including pendants, earrings, bracelets, and of course, rings.

Mother’s or Grandmother’s Rings
A mother or grandmother’s ring is a special gift that a woman can cherish always. The ring is set with the birthstones of each of her children or grandchildren, creating a colorful and unique piece of jewelry. This gift is perfect for mother’s day, but also makes a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift. Each time she looks at the ring, she will be reminded of her most priceless jewels: her children.

Ruby Anniversary Rings
Most people know that silver is the traditional gift for the 25th anniversary and gold is the gift for the 50th anniversary, but few know that ruby is the traditional gift for the 40th wedding anniversary. If you or someone you love are celebrating a 40th anniversary, a ruby ring would be a perfect gift. Then again, why wait 40 years? Ruby jewelry makes a great gift for any anniversary.

Valentine’s Day
Celebrate the day of love with the color of love: a beautiful red ruby ring.

Men’s Ruby Rings
Some may think that there are only ruby rings for women, but that’s not the case. Ruby rings aren’t just for the ladies, no, no. There are many handsome mens ruby rings on the market, from those with small, discreet stones to larger stones that make a statement. If the man in your life appreciates the appeal of fine jewelry, then an attractive ruby ring could be just the gift for him.

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