Le Vian Jewelry

Le Vian
Worn by everyone from housewives to A-list superstars, Le Vian jewelry has mass appeal. With generations of experience in jewelry making, the Le Vian family has created a company that is known for quality, style and innovation.

The Le Vian family’s love affair with jewelry spans centuries, stretching back to 16th century Persia, where they built a reputation for their handiwork with beads, enamel, engraving, gold and silver. By the 18th century the family’s elaborate designs had caught the eye of royalty. In fact, the emperor had such faith in the family that he entrusted them with the care of jewels he’d captured from India, including the famed Koh-i-Noor diamond, which today can be found at London’s Tower of London, one of the Queen of England’s crown jewels.

Le Vian in the United States
The Le Vian Company in the United States was founded by one Abdulrahim Ephraim LeVian in 1950. LeVian was born in Mashad, Persia – present day Iran – in 1922 and founded the company after emigrating to New York City. He had substantial business acumen, a strong work ethic and a highly developed sense of what people wanted in their jewelry. He believed in quality and value, and wasn’t afraid to take risks with his jewelry offerings. LeVian passed away in 2000, and his heirs continue to run the company,

Le Vian Today
Le Vian jewelry is marked by its commitment to quality and its use of novel gems, metals and cuts in its designs. Le Vian has introduced new gem cutting styles like the Parisian Honeycomb, worked with Tanzanite when it was largely unknown and crafted jewelry with metals like Black Rhodium to better accentuate certain gems. The company almost singlehandedly created a market for brown diamonds, previously considered of inferior quality, by branding them “chocolate diamonds” and creating a successful marketing campaign around them.

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