Ruby Rings

Whenever I go to a jewelry counter my eyes zoom past the amethyst rings, pearls and even diamonds, straight to the rubies. I’m drawn to them like a bull to a red cloth. And I’m not alone – ruby rings have long been prized for their beauty, dramatic red hue and value.

Why People Choose Ruby Rings
Many like to wear ruby rings because of the strongly colored stone, others wear them because they were born in July and ruby is their birthstone. Some like a variety of colorful gemstones to match with different outfits. Also, ruby is a durable stone, coming in at 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, so that it is less prone to chipping and breaking than many gems, which makes it ideal for ruby rings, which can knocked around quite a bit in the course of a day.

Types of Ruby Rings
There many, many choices of ruby rings available on the market. There are womens ruby rings and mens rings. Ruby engagement ring settings and ruby cocktail rings. Modern and antique ruby rings.

Ruby Ring Prices
While it is true that rubies are some of the most valuable gems around, a variety of factors determine the price of a ruby ring, and there are quite a few cheap ruby rings available. The color of the ruby affects value, with a rich red being the most costly, and lighter or dark reds less so. Clearer gems are more expensive than cloudy rubies or those with visible inclusions. If all other factors are equal, a larger ruby will cost more than a smaller one, and round rubies are generally more expensive than pear or marquise cuts.

The ring setting also affects the price of a ruby. The type of metal used for the setting is important, with platinum more valuable than gold, which is more valuable than silver. The size and style of the setting is key, so a thick, highly embellished setting will generally fetch a higher price than a thin, simple one.

Ruby Ring Quality
While rubies are one of the most valuable gems, the quality of the stone used in the ring can vary quite a bit. One factor of quality is the color. The best rubies will have a deep red color, but not too dark like a garnet, and not too light. Pink stones are usually considered pink sapphires rather than rubies. The clarity of the stone also determines quality, with clearer stones being more valuable than cloudy stones with visible inclusions.

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Properties of Ruby Rings

If you’re like me, you’ve chosen your ruby rings because they’re, well, pretty. But there’s much more to this stunning stone than mere looks. Let’s explore the substance behind the beauty.

Color and the Ruby
Can a ruby be any color other than red? Well, not really. The ruby is the red version of the mineral corundum, which is a form of aluminum oxide. Corundum can be colors ranging from clear to green to blue, but only red corundum is called ruby. All other colors of corundum are called sapphires, although in some parts of the world pink corundum is also known as ruby.

Colors can vary within the ruby family as well, and are a large determinant of value. The most valuable rubies are a rich, red color – not too light and not too dark. Many rubies have yellow or blue undertones, which add to their individuality.

Ruby Hardness
Rubies measure in at 9 on the MOHs gem hardness scale. In comparison, diamond comes in at 10 and tanzanite at around 6.5 to 7. The ruby’s high measurement on the scale tells us that it is a strong gem and is less likely to break or be scratched than gems that are lower on the scale. This is good news for those who like to wear ruby rings, since gems in rings tend to be knocked around more in the course of a day than gems in earrings or necklaces.

Size and Shape
Rubies come in sizes ranging from tiny to huge. You will see rubies in rings cut into a variety of shapes – round, marquise, pear – but oval is the most popular cut for rubies. Cabochon, or unfaceted, cuts are frequently used with lower quality rubies.

Ruby Clarity
In general, rubies tend to be less clear than other types of gem quality corundum, so it is important to examine the stone closely for inclusions that can be seen without a jeweler’s loupe. All other factors being equal, the clearer the ruby, the more valuable it is.

Where Rubies are Found
Gem quality rubies are mostly mined in Asia, in countries like Burma, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, China, Pakistan and Afghanistan, but are also found in Tanzania, Africa and India.

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Ruby Rings as Gifts

The Author's Ruby RingsI am a strong believer in ruby rings as gifts. The selection of my ruby rings shown at left has been built almost entirely from gifts from those who love me, from the little ruby gold ring on the far left that was given to me by my parents for my 13th birthday, to the white gold ruby ring, dead center, which was a Christmas gift from my husband just last year. If you’re not sure to what to get that special someone, you’ll rarely go wrong with a ruby ring, and they are ideal for so many occasions.

Ruby Birthstone Rings
While a ruby ring makes a fabulous gift for anyone, they are particularly prized by those born in July, since ruby is the birthstone for July. My birthday is in July, and I’ve always felt fortunate that I was blessed with such a wonderful birthstone, although there are many other fine precious and semi precious stones on the birthstone list. Most jewelry stores specializing in fine jewelry will have a birthstone section, featuring jewelry set in the stones for that month, including pendants, earrings, bracelets, and of course, rings.

Mother’s or Grandmother’s Rings
A mother or grandmother’s ring is a special gift that a woman can cherish always. The ring is set with the birthstones of each of her children or grandchildren, creating a colorful and unique piece of jewelry. This gift is perfect for mother’s day, but also makes a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift. Each time she looks at the ring, she will be reminded of her most priceless jewels: her children.

Ruby Anniversary Rings
Most people know that silver is the traditional gift for the 25th anniversary and gold is the gift for the 50th anniversary, but few know that ruby is the traditional gift for the 40th wedding anniversary. If you or someone you love are celebrating a 40th anniversary, a ruby ring would be a perfect gift. Then again, why wait 40 years? Ruby jewelry makes a great gift for any anniversary.

Valentine’s Day
Celebrate the day of love with the color of love: a beautiful red ruby ring.

Men’s Ruby Rings
Some may think that there are only ruby rings for women, but that’s not the case. Ruby rings aren’t just for the ladies, no, no. There are many handsome mens ruby rings on the market, from those with small, discreet stones to larger stones that make a statement. If the man in your life appreciates the appeal of fine jewelry, then an attractive ruby ring could be just the gift for him.

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