Ruby Quartz

 In some quarters, ruby quartz is better known as the substance the X-men comic book hero Cyclops uses in his eyeglasses to keep him from unintentionally destroying things with his powerful eyes. As gems go, ruby quartz is fairly new in the jewelry world but continues to gain popularity. Because it is not a well known stone, ruby quartz lends an unexpected and striking look to jewelry.

Ruby quartz is not actually related to the ruby, but rather gets its name from its ruby red color. Many who first learn of ruby quartz assume that it’s a pure red stone, just like a ruby, but in fact it can be solid red or veined with many different colors. The stone is usually turned into beads, in any number of shapes and sizes, which are then used to make bracelets, pendants, necklaces and occasionally ruby quartz rings.

Delicate Stone
Jewelry lovers should be aware that one of the properties of ruby quartz is that it’s a delicate gemstone and is more prone to chips and cracks than some of the other stones typically used to make jewelry. For that reason, some prefer to wear the hardier imitation ruby quartz rather than the fragile natural stone. In fact, much of the ruby quartz jewelry on the market today is actually simulated ruby quartz.

Where to Find Ruby Quartz
Because it is a lesser-known gem, one can’t expect to walk into a jewelry store and find ruby quartz the way you surely see a ruby or diamond. However, the internet is a fantastic source for those eager to own some ruby quartz jewelry of their own. Try popular websites like and, or try your luck with a Google search and see what pops up, being careful only to buy from reputable websites of course. Alternatively, you can buy the ruby quartz beads and create your own amazing, one-of-a-kind jewelry.

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Gemstone Jewelry

There’s nothing like beautiful gemstone jewelry to make a woman’s eyes light up in delight.  For thousands of years women and men have used gemstones to add a little something special to an outfit or even items like daggers and swords. To this day, gemstone jewelry is prized for its value and beauty.

 What are Gemstones?

Gemstones are generally minerals found in rocks, like ruby quartz or emerald, or sometimes a petrified substance, like amber.  Even though a miner may find a gem stone, it might not be of good enough quality to be used in fine jewelry, and might instead wind up as a pretty bookend on a shelf. 

Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstone Jewelry

Ge stones are generally divided into two categories: precious and semi precious stones.  Precious stones are generally considered rarer and more valuable than the rest.  Diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires are considered precious gem stones.  The others, stones like aquamarine, tanzanite and amber, are called semi-precious stones.  The purple stone  in amethyst rings was once considered a precious gemstone, but after rich deposits were discovered it became less rare and valuable, and today amethyst is generally classified as a semi precious stone.

 Gemstone Cuts

When gemstone are first mined, even first rate gemstones are not ready to be set in jewelry.  They must first be cut, and then polished til they shine.  Jewelers usually cut the gems into a smooth, rounded shape, called cabochon, or more frequently into facets.  Facets are smooth flat planes, that catch the light and reflect it, enhancing that coveted sparkle

 Gemstone Enhancements

Sometimes cleaning and polishing aren’t enough, and jewelers employ other methods to help a gem look its best. For example, the gem used in tanzanite rings is a dull brown color when it’s pulled from the earth, but after heat treatment it becomes a stunning shade of blue or violet. Stones prone to surface imperfections, like emeralds, are frequently treated with oil or wax to make those imperfections less noticeable.


While there are countless types of gemstone jewelry – emerald engagement rings, garnet earrings, anklets, mood rings and more – birthstone jewelry is a particularly well-liked kind of gem stone jewelry.  When a child is born, the month she is born in is associated with a gemstone, and that stone will be her birthstone throughout her life.  Most months have two and sometimes three birthstones – a main stone and an alternate.

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