Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

Fine jewelry fashioned from with platinum or gold and precious stones is exquisite, but when a tiny bejeweled pin can cost big bucks, it can be hard to put together the look you desire. That’s where wholesale fashion jewelry saves the day. Wholesale fashion jewelry designers use cheaper materials to make bright, colorful jewelry at bargain prices. Wholesale fashion jewelry is ideal for those who like large, even outrageous jewelry that stands as a focal point to an outfit. Fashion jewelry is also a great choice for when you want the latest trendy look, but don’t want to spend a bundle on jewelry that will be out of style next year. This jewelry is sometimes called costume jewelry.

Fashion jewelry is abundant and easy to find. Pop into your local accessory store to find shelf upon shelf of fashion jewelry. Both high and low end department stores keep this jewelry in stock, and even dollar stores carry a selection of fashion jewelry. Clothing stores often have a small selection of designer fashion jewelry that matches the type of clothes sold in the shop. There are usually several tables and booths devoted to one-of-a-kind fashion jewelry at arts and crafts fairs. Wholesale fashion jewelry is also sold at many web sites online.

Wholesale fashion jewelry is often intended to be a replica of more costly jewelry. Clear and colored glass or synthetic materials are cut or molded to look like genuine gem stones, like sapphires or diamonds. This gives the look of a pricey piece of jewelry, but doesn’t cost a bundle.

Sometimes wholesale fashion jewelry is simply meant to be a pretty, colorful, eye catching accessory that helps pull an outfit together. This type of jewelry can be made from a variety of materials – everything from wood to metal to feathers. It can be small and tasteful or large, bold and in your face.

Many people not only enjoy the latest wholesale fashion jewelry, but vintage pieces as well. There is a whole world of vintage jewelry out there waiting to be discovered. Sometimes your grandmother, mother or aunt have pieces that have been sitting unworn in their jewelry boxes for decades that they are more than willing to give. Antiques malls, thrift shops, estate sales and low end antique shops are always good places to search for vintage costume jewelry. Yard sales and garage sales are hit or miss, but can often turn up excellent pieces for pennies. Ebay is a great online source for choice fashion jewelry pieces from all over the world.

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