Tie Clips

tie clipTie clips are not only attractive accessories, but also fill the purpose of keeping a man’s necktie from shifting about. First used in the 20th century, tie clips have remained popular, most likely due to their practicality.

A tie clip, also called a tie bar, attaches the tie to the man’s shirt so that it will lay straight rather than moving out of place. Since the tie is often the only splash of color or pattern in a man’s outfit, it catches the eye. If the tie looks rumpled, off kilter or bears stains from dipping into the soup at lunch, it detracts from the wearer’s appearance. The detail of a tie clip lends the man a neater, pulled-together look.

Tie clips have an advantage over tie pins in that while both hold a tie in place, the tie pin does this by piercing the fabric of the tie, which can damage the tie over time. Men with costly ties may hesitate to use tie pins with them when tie clips achieve the same purpose without damaging the tie.

Batman tie clipThere are many different styles of clips, with designs ranging from elegant gold and sapphire tie clips to fun, novelty golf club or Batman tie clips for more casual functions. There are costly tie clips, usually crafted from gems and precious metals, as well as styles for the budget-minded tie wearer.

Tie clips make great gifts for birthdays, Father’s Day, Christmas or other gift giving occasions. They can be chosen to match the personality of the wearer, and most men own at least one tie, usually several. Natty dressers might appreciate a matching pair of cufflinks to complement the tie clip. Tie clips can be found in the accessories section of men’s department at department stores, and there are a multitude of options online at websites like Amazon, Overstock or specialty sites.

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